APC - An Overview

The The APC International grew out of the realisation that a great many people in the coaching profession are seeking a membership body to join that offers something different to that currently available. It is the passionate belief in the immense potential of every human being and the tremendous support that high-quality coaching offers in helping people to achieve that potential that underpins our work and our commitment to building something more than just a membership organisation; a supportive and sustaining community.

Is the APC right for you?
  • If all you are looking for is a logo to add to your website in order to gain credibility, then the answer is NO
  • If you are a professional coach seeking to become a part of a real community, then the answer is YES
  • If you are seeking a community to help you become the best coach you can be, then the answer is YES
  • If you are an experienced coach without certification but with commitment, passion and a track record, then the answer is a loud YES
  • If you are an aspiring coach, looking to build your learning and skill on the very best of foundations, then the answer is YES

As our Founder, Ralph Watson, has said, “To respectfully paraphrase the great John F Kennedy, don’t ask what APC can do for you but, rather, ask what can we achieve together. Because that’s what APC is about; succeeding and growing together.

What is our ‘Mission’?
  • To offer an ethical and supportive community for professional coaches globally
  • To welcome professional coaches from all schools and disciplines
  • To provide supervision and professional support to our valued members
  • To help prospective ‘clients’ in finding professional and qualified coaching support
  • To provide a route to training and Continued Professional Development (CPD) for our members
  • To support organisations who want to provide professional coaching in-house
  • To provide the highest standard of certification so that participants in APC-certified coaching programmes may join a course and learn with confidence
  • To listen and respond to the needs of our members

Lofty aims? Yes, and we are dedicated to achieving them whilst maintaining a personal, professional and ethical community approach.

To find out about becoming a member of APC, visit our membership page.

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