Do what works

Do what works

31/05/16 Ralph Watson Coaching Off Comments

I’m going to make a massive assumption now and say that pretty much everyone I know is seeking “success.” Now, that success may take many forms. To some, it may be financial abundance; to others it may mean achieving a healthy and active lifestyle. I know some for whom “success” is to settle into a happy and loving life with their family around them. There are many facets to success and its not for any of us to judge which are good, bad, right, wrong, mad, sad or broken. Success is one of those words that has a deep meaning to each one of us.

So, that said, how are we to achieve that success? I’d like to share just one thought and something I am constantly discussing with my coaching clients and seminar participants.

If I cast my mind back some years to when I set out on my personal quest for success, which in those days was to become known internationally as a Trainer and Speaker, I sat down to plan the HOW. I clearly remember the thrill of excitement running through me as I began to explore all the things I could DO that would lead to that goal being achieved.  I made my plan and I set out on my journey. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that many of the things I’d said I would do were simply not working. I wasted so much time doing all the things that I KNEW, thinking that was enough. It wasn’t then and it isn’t now!

My first personal experience of coaching was when, having decided I needed some help, I sat down with a business coach and poured my heart out about what I passionately wanted, why I wanted it, what I’d been doing to achieve it. Having listened very intently, he smiled and said, “Great. You’ve done everything you know. So, now its time to do what works.”

You see, when faced with any challenge, issue, project or goal, it’s the immediate instinct of most people to set about doing what they know how to do in order to achieve success. But doing what you know is not necessarily going to get you there. You need to think outside of what you know and ask yourself, “WHAT’S GOING TO WORK?” That’s going to prove more challenging, more effective and, I believe, far more satisfying.

For some, this can be a major challenge because it involves getting out of the comfort zone and taking a risk, albeit a calculated one, which many are averse to doing. But if you look at any of the great and outstanding achievers in any field of human endeavour you will find that’s exactly what they do; get out of the comfort zone, take a risk and do what works, not just what they know.  

Success is not about doing what you know; it’s about doing what will work!